Still of Honor Swinton-Byrne in The Souvenir (2019), at a desk with a typewriter
Honor Swinton-Byrne in The Souvenir (2019)


Mostly you can find me in repose on a sofa[1], developing my bad back, while I watch, read, listen, code, write, and think.

I have a Letterboxd, Storygraph, and two sporadically updated Instagram pages: @nevercursd and @int.apartment.

See what I'm into now and the tools I use.


This and my portfolio are both static sites, handmade with Eleventy. I pay £12 per year for the domain and hosting is free via DigitalOcean. HTML and CSS were written by me, other than a grid system from PureCSS. The font is Spectral. I'm working on implementing a dark theme.

There are no cookies, no trackers, and (almost) no Javascript[2]. Analytics are collected in a privacy-aware manner via GoatCounter. The site emits 0.01g of CO2 per visit and weighs 44.93 KB.


The code for this website is licensed under The Anti-Capitalist Software License. Text is licensed under Creative Commons.

  1. Above pic is aspirational ↩︎

  2. The colour change is done with JS. ↩︎